To become a nurse in Sweden (summary) – Diventare infermiere in Svezia (riassunto)

So, I prevailed also over the last obstacle by finally getting my swedish legitimation. I am now able to work independetly as a nurse in the public and private health care system in Sweden. Since I keep getting e-mails about what the requirements to get the swedish legitimation are, here is a brief summary about my journey in the past year:

Finalmente anche l’ultimo ostacolo é superato, ho ottenuto il permesso di praticare come infermiera in svezia. Adesso posso lavorare liberamente nel settore privato e pubblico del sistema sanitario. Continuano ad arrivarmi mail con domande di quali sono i requisiti per ottenere la licenza svedese. Ecco qua un breve riassunto del mio percorso burocratico dello scorso anno (in inglese):

  • April 2017, sent application letter and CV in english to the Landstinget Dalarna ( and got positive answer from Landstinget Dalarna with note to that i will have to learn Swedish (C1 level)
  • May 2017, confirmation that the language course will be held for 5 months by landstingets own employed teachers and that i will have to engage for 3 years at Landstinget Dalarna, employed as nurse assistant until i get my licence
  • September 2017 – January 2018, swedish language course (with days of practical training in the ward i was planned to be placed)
  • February 2018 started to work as nurse assistant in the ward where i had my practical training during the language course. Also sent following papers (translated from italian to english) to the swedish authorities:
    • Application for legitimation
    • Language Certificate (C1)
    • Application fee of 700 SEK (ca. 70 €)
    • Copy of Passport
    • Copy of Diploma
    • confirmation to meet the articles 23, 31, 33 or 33a of EU directive 2005/36/EC (released by your countries health authorities)
    • certificate of good standing
  • April 2018, finally got the swedish licence and employement as a nurse



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